Sunday, 4 January 2015

Series // Cairns Knife Making

My friend Dylan can make knives. They are beautiful and heavy and pleasant to hold. In the coming months, he will begin teaching the good folk of Cairns to do the very same as a Blacksmith would. To learn more about Dylan's unique classes, visit the Cairns Knife Making website here or call 0400 226 110.

Wedding // Aaron + Carmen

Aaron and Carmen travelled from the other side of our country to get married in our very own backyard. With them, they brought the most marvellous entourage - a group where the line between family and friendship was so beautifully blurred. Upon arrival at this big house in the Port Douglas wilderness, I soon forgot that I was a professional amongst complete strangers, simply trying to get through a day's work. Their hospitality was superseded only by their consistent hilariousness, and once again, my faith in true love was completely fortified.