Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Wedding // Nathan + Jodie

Nathan and Jodie. Jodie and Nathan. Everything within a a five mile radius of this pair turns to gold. I have known Jodie and her family since we were small. She was always a sweet and beautiful and clever thing, and time has only solidified these qualities. Nathan is clearly her perfect match. Their wedding day was carefully arranged to bring all of those in attendance the perfect amount of enjoyment. They took their vows at St Francis Xavier's church just as family had done before them, and celebrated at Jodie's family farm in Freshwater. The entire affair smacked of old-school Cairns tradition, and I was happy to be working in the town that I was born. And so, a thousand times thank you to Nathan and Jodie - it was a privilege to spend the day with you. (Also, look out for the wedding film from Renee Creates - these guys are my favourite work buddies and their stuff is always sublime).